Soundset 2017
The snow is melted, humidity has increased, and the sweat behind my thighs seem to be constant. Believe it or not, Minnesota is finally in the season we like to call “Festival Season”, or simply “summer” in layman’s terms. There’s not much Minnesota is known for, so its with great pride that we’re the host of the biggest 1 day hip hop festival in the country. As a loyal Soundset-goer, I know that Rhymesayers will never disappoint, always giving us a star studded lineup of legends, newcomers, and locals. On its 10th year anniversary, Soundset was determined to make this one for the books and Culture Piece Magazine was right there with em.
 Pictured- Zuluzuluu

Pictured- Zuluzuluu


Held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the second year in a row, I knew this experience was going to be legendary. Not only is there more space, even more locals were able to attend because of the proximity. You can count on a friend reunion every time you show your face at Soundset...once you get past the initial layer of smoke from all the blunts being passed! Whether you came for the lineup, a little local shopping, or simply the experience that is Soundset, you were sure to have an amazing (possibly life changing?) day.

The lineup this year was insane with acts such as T.i, DRAM, Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane, Ms. Lauryn Hill, & Travis Scott (to name a few). We also had a few Minnesota locals grace the stages of course! Nazeem & Spencer Joles, the stand4rd, Zuluzuluu, DJ Keezy, & DJ tiiiiiiiiiip all put in work and represented the Twin Cities amazingly! It's a hip hop head’s dream honestly! Buutt if you're not into that (why'd you go anyways?) there was also special spots & stages for the skaters, dancers, and visual artists.

Another Soundset gone and past, but it's already time to start prepping for next year! Let us know which artists you'd like to see next year- I'm not going to be the one to grant those wishes, but it's always good to get those intentions out there into the universe haha!


Words by Maya Clark

Photographs by Pierre Ware


The Music

The people