Its baaack! After what seems like forever, Issa Rae and HBO finally blessed us with the second season of Insecure! The self proclaimed “awkward black girl” is back tackling issues between work, friendships, and of course the love seemingly lost between herself and Lawrence. If you haven’t tuned into the premiere episode yet, dip out now because I’m ready to unpack!


Season one concluded with Lawrence finding out about Issa’s infidelities and heading over to Tasha’s house for some revenge D *insert eye roll emoji*. As predicted, season two kicks off with Lawrence and Tasha still in their situationship and Issa, still in her mess of a heartbreak, on meaningless dates every weekend. Is it weird that I have such a personal connection with Issa & Lawrence’s relationship? I can barely even watch the scenes with Tasha without my heart cringing for Issa.

Starting episode one in true Issa fashion, a “wine down” was thrown in an attempt to show Lawrence how self sufficient and “happy” she is. Also in true Issa fashion, it didn’t go as planned. From a few Bloods crashing the scene, to a fire, and of course Lawrence never even showing up, the whole party was chaotic. Whether you’re #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence, you have to admit that you just want them to make up and get the fuck back together!


The soundtrack is ever fitting which is to be expected with music supervisor Kier Lehman behind the scenes. Find hits from artists like Cardi B, SZA, Goldlink, and Playboi Carti thrown around. This is only episode one y’all, there’s so much more to come and Culture Piece Magazine is here for it all! Wine down next Sunday, anyone?


Words by Maya Clark // @mayaexplains