Finding Novyon

Somehow we were able to coax Minnesota rapper, visual artist, and model, Finding Novyon into a lowkey photo shoot and interview. Lead photographer and co founder, Pierre spent the afternoon shooting through semi abandoned parking lots and rooftops. Novyon is complete with his sidekick Burberry Terry of course! Sit back and enjoy this interview and don’t forget to check out his new album, That’s My Dawg, out now!

-Maya Clark


PW: Can you describe your new sound and how you hope fans receive it?

FN: I would rather not describe it.

It's difficult to describe the sound of this album because the project doesn't just stick to one sound. You can't just pin-point one flow of cadence, or melody. It's all over the place on this project. I guess it would be fair to compare this project to a roller coaster. The project takes you up and down and back up again.


PW: Who are your musical icons and influencers? 

FN: This is an answer you can honestly find In almost every interview I've done in the past. But I'm gonna be spontaneous this time and switch it up. Since my career has sped up and I've been touring and traveling I've had opportunities to meet some of my idols from when I was a younger musician, and almost most of them turned out to be corny, or in rap music I have to be honest and say I've lost respect for those "idols". If I had to give a straight answer. Everyone who is really a fan of me, knows I draw great influence from Amy Winehouse & Aaliyah.


PW: What would you like people to know about your new album "That's My Dawg" before listening?

FN: We chose 10 songs out of 40. For this project, I don't think my fans understand how difficult it is to try and pick 10 of the best flowing songs, but having to leave some of the songs that I really wanted on this project off to save for the next projects. Seeing the response out of the track we actually chose for this project makes me very confident in the album coming in the winter.


PW: For the people who don't know Burberry Terry can you introduce him. I see he made the album cover!

Burberry Terry is a plush dog bag with Burberry print on his paws and ears. I found and bought him at a random thrift store in Durango, Colorado while on Tour with Prof. And the fan love for him grew exponentially and his character took a life of its own. Becoming a part of my live set on tour, I did this bit with him every night where I'd ask the crowd if they were still enjoying Burberry terry on stage with me, to shout back "THAT'S MY DAWG" which is initially where I got the idea for the album title. Because before that I was gonna name it the Burberry Terry LP. But I felt that was too corny, and would confuse fans who still didn't know who Terry was.


PW: Favorite song on your album and why?

FN: My fav song on the album is "1,000 Miles", I've never made a song like that before. Where the melodies are just beautiful & where I was just so vulnerable. I feel like this whole project is the most vulnerable I've ever been in my music. But this song in my opinion is the closest I've ever gotten to reaching an Aaliyah or an Amy Winehouse level of expression from a Finding Novyon perspective.


PW: What should people know about you besides the music? 

FN: Besides the music, I create all my graphics and cover arts. Sometimes my own flyers for things too! Most of the visual art seen throughout my career was created by me. I know a lot people don't even realize that.


Stream Novyon's latest album below!

Interview Conducted by: Pierre Ware

Photographs by: Pierre Ware