Muva Nature

Muva Nature

The focus our latest editorial, “Muva Nature” is focused on the natural beauty, essence & soft strength of the Black woman. With the use of earth toned fabrics and greenery as our supporting actors in this shoot, we show in images what cannot be expressed with words.


I am a black woman
the music of my song
some sweet arpeggio of tears
is written in a minor key
and I
can be heard humming in the night
Can be heard
in the night

I saw my mate leap screaming to the sea
and I/with these hands/cupped the lifebreath
from my issue in the canebrake
I lost Nat’s swinging body in a rain of tears
and heard my son scream all the way from Anzio
for Peace he never knew….I
learned Da Nang and Pork Chop Hill
in anguish
Now my nostrils know the gas
and these trigger tire/d fingers
seek the softness in my warrior’s beard

I am a black woman
tall as a cypress
beyond all definition still
defying place
and time
and circumstance
on me and be

“Mari Evans”


Words by Maya Clark // @mayaexplains

Poem by Mari Evans

Photographs by Maya Clark // @mayaexplains

Photo Assistance by Alvan Washington // @createdbyalvan

Styling & Creative Direction by Maya Clark // @mayaexplains

Model: Ashley Franklin // @ashbackwoods