The Vibe ft. Why Khaliq

The Vibe ft. Why Khaliq

Last night was the genesis of what I believe will become a staple of the Twin Cities music scene. The Vibe is a product of Minnesota’s Sole Guy, who curated the “intimate style performance” at Ill Studios in South Saint Paul. If MTV’s Unplugged Series and Tiny Desk Concert had a lovechild, The Vibe would be just that! In the premiere show of this ongoing series of cozy concerts, Saint Paul based rapper, Why Khaliq, gave us his all.

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With the help of DJ Mac Tims and a live band, Why Khaliq performed a collection of songs from The Mustard Seed and Clearwater, both albums previously released by the Saint Paul rapper. He even performed a few songs for the very first time. There’s something about seeing a rapper performing in a such an intimate setting that makes it all the more special. The best thing about The Vibe is that you’re sure to connect with the artist and get deeper insight on the songs. Khaliq was able to express the emotions behind it all, which is a rarity.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Sole has in store for the second installment of The Vibe. This is an untapped concept in Minnesota and I have a good feeling that The Vibe is here to stay! Check back on our Events page for updates.

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Words by Maya Clark // @mayaexplains

Photographs by Monte Newbill // @obsidianfocal