The Internet: Hive Mind

The Internet: Hive Mind

“The easy path rarely leads to what our heart truly desires

In this life we must face many a worthy challenge for the outcome to satisfy us

To win in spite of struggle implies much greater magnification

To ones honor which I value more than instant-gratification

So believe me when I say that time can heal most any wound

And ease most pain, yet the scars remain until the day we lay in tomb

So please know nothing in this moment is the same as a moment ago

Each one that pass is a treasure lost.......”

-Big Rube/ It Gets Better (With Time)


The Internet is finally back, after a 3 year wait, Hive Mind is here. The Internet has not lost their touch either. Each track is filled with their funk soul infused R&B, and Syd's silky vocals are still giving us life. It’s amazing to see this group come together like nothing has changed, even when each of them have been working on their own solo projects and still out here getting it. It’s good to know that their sound is still staying true yet elevating at the same time.

Come Over: I love this song because it reminds me of being younger and having a crush and just wanting that crush’s attention and just putting yourself out there. The instrumentals are softer on this track. In the video, Syd is trying to convince her crush to come over and with the help of the band she persuades home girl to do just that. Not to mention, Steve's incredible guitar riffs throughout. 

Look What U Started: This song is super relatable, its all about leaving a toxic relationship and learning how to let go. My favorite line is “You blame it on your problems, but that’s no excuse.” Accountability is key in any relationship, if they can’t step to the plate you gotta let them go.

La Di Da: This track automatically makes your body move. It’s such a carefree song and the video goes perfectly with it. Showing all the members dancing and hanging out together, just being unapologetic as fuck. I think this is my favorite video so far, seeing young free Black youth can be so rare sometimes and this track just gives me so much life.


Roll (Burbank Funk):  The title explains it all for this track. It starts off with Steve Lacy sounding grown as hell and giving that fun psychedelic melody. This song reminds me to believe in yourself and to just feel the groove and go for it. The video is everything, super trippy with so much style to go along with the instrumentals and vibe.

Yet again, The Internet did not disappoint and has shown great creativity towards their music, videos and themselves. I think the most important aspect is being able to see the growth within all the members and to see them keep glow'n up. We here at Culture Piece are here for all of it and we can't wait to see what holds for them in the future. Shit, if I gotta wait another few years I don't even care if each album is this good!