Drake: Scorpion

Drake: Scorpion

“I got some real demons across the border fence

And made a note of the mistakes we can't afford again

Like I said, can of worms and I'm the early bird

Niggas want to hang but I'm too busy doin' dirty work

Hit 'em back and say we'll link up on the 33rd

When I say that they cursin' me it ain't dirty words

Church of Pentecost, Holy Spirit synagogue

I don't know who's protectin' me but we hit it off

Sandra's rose, no wonder they tryna' pick me off

I guess you gotta show these niggas who you really are”

-Sandra’s Rose



I honestly hate when artist have a huge list for their albums. Most of the time half of the tracks they could have gone without. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s how I feel with this one. But every time I listen to Scorpion, I find a new track that I like, or find something about a track I didn’t like that I now do. We have all been anticipating Drake’s arrival of Scorpion. Especially with all the drama between him, Pusha T and Drake’s Baby Adonis. I had no idea homie had a baby, but a few friends of mine, already knew. So, who the fuck knows, but honestly, I’m so tired of all this drama shit and I’m just trying to hear the music. I will say though, don’t fuck with Pusha T, homie is a legend and will fucking drag you. As we all saw and heard with his album Daytona. The album was pretty good, I really haven’t heard the whole thing, but I personally did not like the fact that the album cover is of the great late Whitney Houston’s bathroom. I just don’t fuck with that.

Out of all the tracks these are the songs that really stood out to me the most:

Non-Stop: I really love this song because the beat makes it. Who helped make the beat you ask? None other than the talented Tay Keith from 36 Mafia. Which makes sense because it just sounds raw and automatically pulls you in. My favorite line is “Yeah I’m light skinned but I’m still a dark nigga.” The overall song just has this classic sound and the collab went well.

Peak:  This track is a lot softer, with a dreamy vibe in the beginning. It also has this ominous electric sound to it that’s tight, Drake is tired of bullshit relationships and women taking him for granted.  You can really hear his growth throughout the album, I mean of course his themes throughout are the same but his reaction to them are a lot different. It almost sounds like homie is okay with being alone and just doing him. Something I think were all learning these days.

God’s Plan: This song is everything, I always find myself going back to this track. The beat, the lyrics, everything just flows so smoothly in this track. You automatically want to start singing along and dancing. And of course, everyone’s favorite line “she said do you love me? I tell her only partly, I only love “my bed” and my momma, I’m sorry.” A line that some spectators say this he’s actually saying I only love “Mahbed” which is his son’s middle name, but these are just rumors and haven’t actually been confirmed but I’m hoping it’s true because that would be tight. Either way this is one of my favorite tracks.

Is There More: I love this track because he adds a sample of Aaliyah’s More Than a Women into the mix. Throughout the track Drake ponders about life, being an artist and if there can be more than this? What makes sense and what are just dramatic antics masking what’s real and what’s not.  He mentions that this is his last album under Cash Money Records and then he’s free to continue with his own brand.

In my Feelings:  I love this title only for the fact that this is how we always describe Drake. Homie is always in his feelings. This song has also exploded all over social media with “KiKi do you love me” dancing challenges. It’s been pretty dope.  He even added City Girls into the song which is fucking tight and Lil Wayne is even in the song with a lollipop sample they changed up. This song fucking kills and has made it to the top billboards!

I’m Upset: honestly this song isn’t one of my favorites but I love it for the music video. I grew up watching Degrassi so the video was everything to me!

Nice for What: Everyone loves this song, including me, because it's kind of like an anthem to all women who are tired of these fuck bois and we're just out here being great and doing the damn thing. The funny thing is, we kinda have a fuck boi writing our anthem. I mean come on now, we all know Drake is a fuck boi that we all tolerate. But I will give him props for the music video showing actresses, models, and other artists that are women just glowin.

The overall album really shows how Drake has grown and honestly is still human and is trying just like everyone else. What I love about this album is that every time you listen to it, you notice something different every time and it speaks to a lot of different moods. I fucks with it and I still fuck with Drake, kid or no kid.