Tierra Whack: Whack World

Tierra Whack: Whack World

“I bet you ain’t heard no flow like this

Make you say yo excuse me miss

Go against me ill beat like Swiss

I like my paper nice a crisp

Crispy clean and crisping clean

For the dough I go nuts like Krispy Kreme

Music is in my Billie genes

Can’t no one ever come between, yeah”

- Pretty Ugly


Tierra Whack recently dropped her debut album, and this isn’t your ordinary album. Whack World has 15 tracks at only a minute each. The album also has a visual short for each track making it insanely short but equally amazing.  Whack world gives you a chance to be in Tierra’s world, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. You will literally keep this album on repeat!

Tierra is a young 22-year-old Black woman from Philly. Originally known as Dizzle Dizz when she first started rapping then changed to her real name she became known for her work, Mumbo Jumbo, an eerie track and visual about her visiting a dentist like office to come out with a permanent smile walking home to the horrors of the reality of life and seeing other pedestrians, young, old, homeless all living with the same permanent smile.

The variety of tracks is insane, but it still flows perfectly. from alternative rap flows
like in Flea Market, to more pop sounds like in Pet Cemetery to even a southern twang
sound like in Silly Sam and Fuck Off. Whack transcends all this creativity into one
beautiful project.

Some tracks that stood out to me were, Bugs Life: The video depicts Whack with a
grotesque swollen half face and immediately spits out “Probably would of blew
overnight if I was white/Rap with a mike wore really baggy tights/It’s alright.” Her flow is ridiculous, and the beat feels like it’s just hitting its climax but before you can start
moving to it, it moves on to the next track. 

4 Wings: Whack uses deeper vocals and its has more of an ominous sound to it.
“Endless nights I cried when Hulitho died/My city needs me I promised I wouldn't
fail em/If you love somebody I promise that you should tell em.” Hookers: I love this
song and video. The beat goes in and Whack talks about not needing a partner that only
wants to buy her love. She got money, what she needs is something real. “Money won’t
make me stay/I got my own paper/Move cause you’re in my way/Why you gotta ruin my
day, my day.” In the video Whack is all glammed out in a fur coat and shades the video
and song perfectly transition into Hungry Hippo: The beat is slow, her vocals are sexy
and confident, “He likes my diamonds and my pearl/I said, thank you I designed it/Not
your average girl.” She’s in the same threads while her and her friends are in an RV


Dr. Seuss: This beat is more mellow has more of a somber sound overall. In the video,
Whack seems to be stuck in a house, Alice and wonderland style. The lines the speak to
me are “I’m sick and tired of all these niggas lyin about all the shit that they be buyin’/You ever
laugh just to keep from crying/Think less about living and more about dying.”


This whole album feels like the ultimate anthem for all the quirky Black girls, shit for any Black
girl/femme/ queer that is tired being put into some box that we will never fulfill. Everyday were
constantly just trying to live our lives and it feels within that society is always trying to shape us into the Black girls were supposed to be. “They tried to rob me/They cannot deny me/you
cannot define me.”

This album is the exact opposite of that, and it’s fucking magical. Black Women are not called
Genius enough and that is exactly what Tierra Whack is, she is a fucking genius. Her creativity
and imagination are unparallel to anything I’ve seen recently. I am truly excited to what she
has next because it can only get better from here.


Words by Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun