PRhyme 2

PRhyme 2

"That's probably why white people stay connected

My people stay corrected, white people stay protected

From the same dangers in life that my people stay subjected

The USA got a race obsession, hatred

I hope you know that's why I race my possessions

I treat my Porsche like Oprah and my Wraith like Stedman"



After much anticipation, Royce Da 5’9 and DJ Premier have finally dropped their second album together as PRhyme. If you’ve been living under a rock, Royce Da 5’9 is the homie from Detroit Michigan and known from the Rap group, Slaughterhouse and his duo work with Eminem back in the day known as Bad Meets Evil. DJ Premier or DJ Preemo from Brooklyn is a record producer and the illest DJ around. Of course, known for being half of GANG STARR! (if you haven’t heard of Gang Starr, you haven’t lived.)

PRyhme 2 is made by two of the dopest “old heads” within Hip-hop so of course it’s filled with nostalgia of Hip-hop in the 90’s and early 2000’s and honestly, I’m not mad. The lyricism and instrumentals are not disappointing. This is the Hip-Hop I fell in love with, growing up and knowing that it’s still alive makes my heart so happy. Not that I don’t enjoy this new Trap Music Era, but THIS is how and the access to where we are now. Everything evolves. 

Right off the bat, I love the song Black History where Royce tells the tale of his premature birth and how quickly when you don’t have the resources the government and hospitals will turn their backs on you. They continue the song with a quick history in Hip-hop and all the influences that helped shape them, hell, who helped shape a lot of us. 

Another track I fell for, is Era featuring Dave East. As soon as this track starts you’re just like OKAYYYYY. “How can you do this, when your brand spankin’ new to this?” This sample just makes me want to start actin a fool. Era is coming hard at the new music that’s become popular, and PRhyme doesn’t want you to forget the music that inspired this generation today. Sunflower Seeds is a slower track, reminiscing to how Royce used to live, and now he’s just chillin, not tryna deal with none of that extra shit anymore. Life is a little simpler.  


I was so happy to see Rapsody as one of their features. She is honestly so under rated and it’s troubling how the double standards work within the music industry when it comes to women. Especially dark skin Black Women who are being their truest form and won’t sell out to sell music. (Okay, rant done!) The track Loved Ones tells the tale of infidelity and the double standard of men cheating and how they’re praised for having multiple side chicks but if a woman had multiple side men she would just be foul and easy. I think it’s interesting that this is brought up, since Royce has talked about his own personal difficulties with keeping his shit in his pants. Yet this has been a long-time theme in Hip-hop, with emcees who have wives or girlfriends but steady rap about all the bitches they got.

 Everyday Struggle featuring Chavis Chandler (make sure to check out homie). This track states how music isn’t quite the same anymore. We are in a new age where the media is constantly telling us what’s hot and what’s not. The same media is also pushing the same bullshit half the time. We gotta make our own decisions. I do wish Chavis had a longer verse but overall the sound is dope. Chandler’s raspy voice completes his collaboration well.

Overall PRhyme 2 is an authentic sound. Definitely an album for people who still appreciate the true form. Please do yourself a favor and indulge. I’m also leaving a link to some Gang Starr music HERE for you too.

Words by Tesia Pennie // @Childish_fun