Dizzy Fae: Free Form

Dizzy Fae: Free Form


Dizzy Fae is a young woman from St. Paul, MN but she’s becoming so much more. Her dream of building an empire is slowly coming along. With the past two years treating her quite lovely with a US tour with Lizzo, participating in Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in Chicago with Jorja Smith, performing with artist such as Khelani, The Internet and directing her own music videos. She is clearly on her way.

Dizzy Fae is a woman that knows what she wants, and she makes that very clear in her single, “Don’t Hate For Me” from her newest mixtape Free Form. Dizzy Fae has focus and ain’t waiting on nobody that ain’t about shit. This song is poppy as fuck, with this Black girl magic reclaiming my time attitude.


Free Form is a cosmic declaration for brown girls/femmes everywhere. The sound is elective with dreamy chimes and this new age poppy cool alternative R&B with mystical flows. Her voice is soft and powerful. I imagine white silk when I hear her voice. My favorite tracks from the mixtape are Booty 3000, this track is complete with sass covered in all the confidence. My favorite line is her word play with “my booty is Calvin Clea-ein.” Baby Pillz, this song makes me want to dance everywhere I go, the beat is so fun, and galaxy inspired.  It reminds me of fizz and excitement.  Inner Witches, Dizzy explains her desires, her pet peeves and boundaries through an ominous beat that slowly fades into the next track Temporary. This euphoric echo track screams not wanting to go back or having to regret any actions or decisions with love and with oneself.

Free Form is exactly what you get. Free Form feels like a declaration of being oneself, no questions asked. No one is drowning here but rising and gaining their way to the top. That’s where you’ll find Dizzy Fae.

Words by Tesia Pennie // Childish_fun

Cover Photo by Ana Yancy Gonzalez // die_yung