Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

So I made the conscious decision to stop writing about my experiences with my aforementioned rapper simply because people are starting to realize who I’m writing about and I don’t want everyone to know all the details of my relationship. Honestly, it was never difficult to figure out who I was referring to, especially if you follow me on social media so I knew it was coming haha. I reveal so many details of my life, that I feel like some things need to remain private...or as private as they can be in the generation of social media obsession. Anyways, this will be my last entry on him for the time being, so savor it. Savor it the same way he savored my pussy the other night. Don’t worry, that story will be included in this entry too haha!

Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t even planning on writing about him anymore but there has been one too many noteworthy moments in the bedroom that I know y’all would greatly appreciate reading about. I honestly didn’t think the sex was going to be this good, to be honest I didn’t even think he was all that cute in the beginning! Just the thought of him being a rapper and having strippers on his arm was enough to convince myself I was good on all of that. Needless to say, that’s definitely not the case anymore. I’m not even gassin him up when I say he’s the best partner I’ve ever had. Not even just when it comes to sex, like every sense of the word. Sexy as hell, smart as fuck & one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He’s beyond supportive of what I do and the things going on in my life right now. The way he motivates me to be a better woman and business owner is out of this world. Usually guys distract me once I’m under their spell but he won’t have it. I’ve been sitting here just waiting for him to fuck up but he’s been scarily consistent thus far.

Anyways, I know y’all are wondering about this impeccable ass head I received, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. So a couple days ago, I texted him telling him I need to sit on his face and he comes right over and we’re gettin to it per usual. I don’t know what it was about this night in particular but he was going fuckin crazy!! I’ve never been a super big fan of getting eaten out simply because most guys I’ve been with aren’t that good at it, so I was just over it to be honest. With him though, as I mentioned in a previous article, he definitely aims to please. He knows exactly what I love and what makes me lose it in the best possible way. So he’s doing everything he normally does but this time my body reacts in a different way. When I tell y’all that my body was shaking UNCONTROLLABLY, just believe me! Like I really couldn’t stop. I came back to back to back and it must’ve been too much for my body to handle or something because I’ve never experienced anything like that before. And of course, his dumbass was amused by the whole thing while I’m laying there trying to catch my breath, gather myself and stop my headass from falling in love. Keep in mind, this is JUST from the head. We hadn’t even had sex at the point if I can remember right.

The sex was just the icing on top of the cake! How can a nigga be this amazing AND have a big dick AND actually know how to use it? What lab was this man created in because there’s no way that he was simply born this way. It’s so difficult writing this article because I can’t help but to keep having flashbacks of everything that has transpired thus far. Like damn. I can feel my pussy pulsating as I type this because the memory of it all is so vivid and I’m not gonna lie, I need it again ALREADY. Too much information…yet again? Anyways, he definitely knows what he’s doing and what I need without me having to say a word. When he pushes my legs forward over my head, pushes in deeply and looks me in my eyes I lose it every fucking time. I haven’t even spoken on the backshots yet either! Ugh, I don’t even want to talk him up too much because like I said, one too many people know who I’m speaking of now and he already has one too many groupies just waiting for an opportunity lmao.

I will, however, praise him on his health haha! Women as a collective need to start fucking with actual men! Men that drink water lmao! And y’all men need to start taking care of your bodies! I say this because I’m tired of tasting soapy ass cum from niggas who don’t understand the concept of drinking water and eating right. I KNOW y’all know what I’m talking about when I say that too! I say all that to say this: if he don’t got the purest tasting cum I ever tasted haha! And before y’all get to making assumptions, I haven’t actually tasted much but every single time it ALWAYS tasted like soap! Safe to say, I most definitely do not mind swallowing when it cums to this golden durag wearin man. It literally tastes like nothing, which is perfect haha. Judge me all ya want but at the end of the day, I know y’all wish you were getting piped down like I am lmao! And trust me, if you were getting piped down as such, you’d be on the same shit I’m on haha.

Pro Tip of the Day: Men, please. If you expect your girl to swallow, stop eating Hot Cheetos, sippin Henny 24/7 and smoking Black & Milds every damn day!!!

I’m gonna have to cut this entry short because the only thing this is doing is making me want him right the fuck now and I don’t need to torture myself any longer haha. As I mentioned, this’ll be the last you hear of him for awhile but don’t fret, I have plenty more stories in the archive that I can’t wait to expose y’all to.

Until then,

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