Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

I’ve had something on my mind for quite sometime now and I can guarantee that I’m not the only woman who’s been thinking the same thing. Why is it that soo many guys out here expect us to give them special treatment as if they’re our husbands all the while there’s actually no title on y’all’s situationship at all. We aren’t married so why are women being pressured to act like wives to these single ass men?

So only a couple days ago, I posted a plate of food that I made to my Instagram as I usually do because ya girl can throw the fuck down. In response to the photo an “ex boyfriend” of mine made a point of saying how he still hasn’t gotten to try my cooking. Me being the nice person I am, told him I’d make him dinner as long as he bought the groceries for it. Sounded reasonable enough to me, especially considering the fact that he’s not my man. You’d think a nigga would be happy with getting a bomb ass meal made by a bomb ass chick, but no. Of course he throws a fit about having to buy the food for the meal in typical fuckboy fashion. Going on about how I better have my purse ready the next time we go out, as if this negro actually be throwin cash my way haha! He’s only taken me out twice in the 10 years we’ve known each other and the first time he “took me out” he made me pay for myself lmao. I’d feel bad about clownin the little fella had he not really tried to stick his chest out to me like he was daddy or something lmaoo! Keep in mind, he also reads my stories and knows I’m involved with someone but still expected me to do all that? Boyyyyyyy fuck outta here!

Why is it that women are ALWAYS expected to act like a wife to a nigga who isn’t her man, let alone on some husband shit right back to her? That message is screaming to us everywhere on social media, from bum ass boys & from the “pick me” ass women who we all know and love. I know y’all know what I’m talking about! To make matters worse, it’s now become a thing to not only expect us to cook them food when they come over, but to make sure its not fucking Alfredo or one of the various forms of Rotel dip lmaoooo! Since when was Alfredo such a bad thing, it’s a whole fuckin meal PLUS you’re getting some pussy on the side! Alfredo and pussy is a pretty good bundle if you ask me.

Before y’all try to go off on me and how I’ll never get a husband with this mindset consider this: it’s not that I don’t want to cook for a man, it’s that I’m not spending my money and time to cook shit for a dude that’s not serious about me. Shiiit, I’m cooking for a man right now, meal prepping the fuck outta his upcoming week haha. The thing is, when a man actually deserves it, most women won’t mind going above & beyond. But it’s always these random ass guys who expect the most and give the least. Let me let y’all in on a little secret: I can go outside and without a doubt find at least 10 guys that would fuck me right now. Within 2 minutes, I promise you. This isn’t because I’m some extraordinary ass woman (which I am), it’s because there’s an unlimited supply of dick! I don’t care how bummy of a bitch you are, there WILL be dick ready and willing to get up in them guts and fuck up your life just a little more. 99.99999% sure the same can’t be said for men. So stop letting these dudes treat you as if you owe them something when in actuality they should be happy with a message back let alone you being gracious enough to lick their musty balls from time to time.

Moral of the story? Y’all men need to stop being so damn entitled and be happy with the Alfredo and pussy bundle you receive that you don’t even deserve. And women, don’t be afraid to say no to these negros! Because I don’t see them cooking you any dinner or giving you anything besides the same 3 moves they do in the bedroom that they learned from their favorite porn clip.


Maya “If you not dickin me down right you gets no food” Clark