Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

It’s been a minute, so you already know that means I have a new story for all my fellow sex addicts. This is actually the first time I’ll be writing about the same person twice, which is huge for me considering most of these men have just been a waste of time (sorry?) and their sex game only worth a few paragraphs. Now I know y’all haven’t forgotten about my little encounter with the musician in the car, have you? Sad to say, there’s no fresh cum exiting my body at the moment but LET ME TELL YOUU, this time was even better than the last. Before I get into all that though, I’d strongly advise that all my old hoes who got upset with me because of my last article, exit now because it’s only going to to get worse (better?) from here.

So there has been a few different encounters with my rapper since the last time y’all heard from me. I don’t know what it is, and I swear I’m not gassin him up, but this is probably some of the best sex I’ve ever had. The chemistry in and out of the bedroom is crazy. In my experience, I’ve typically had to choose between the two, I could never have both it seems. Men are weird, whenever the Universe blesses them with good dick they in turn, have to act like dicks. Lucky for me, that’s not the case now.

Anyways, back to the reason why y’all faithfully tune in. Sex. Like I said before, this has to be the best sex I’ve done ever had. He knows and understands my body in a way that no one has had the ability to. Every time we have sex I think to myself, “there’s no way this can get any better”, and every single time I’m proven wrong. I don’t know if this is out of the ordinary for him or not, but he loves to see me run haha. He eats me out for what seems like forever, refusing to let me go until I loose count of how many times I’ve came. I’m usually exhausted by that point but mama ain’t raise no bitch so of course I’m not gonna tap out.

I done told y’all that I’m the goddess of huk yuk for some time now & I meant that shit! I didn’t want to give him the full huk yuk experience the first couple times because let’s be real, most niggas don’t deserve that shit. Well I’ve been slowly doing and giving more & more because this man done put me under some type of spell. I don’t understand why some people are afraid to suck balls lmao (please note that I’m cringing every time I write the word balls). That’s a key factor in giving proper huk yuk in my book. Well, like a lot of men, this man’s balls are hella sensitive but that doesn’t stop me. Y’ALL. If you could’ve seen the way he was squirming, you’d think I was doing more than just a little sloppy toppy. I’ll admit, that was the most I’ve done for him though, in part because I was also high as fuck. This means that I’m freakier than ever and you better expect slob to be everywhere and I’m not stopping till I sense cum is on the rise. I never thought it was possible but I actually enjoy giving head (to the right person, of course). It’s rare that you see men loose all sense of control so when you’re doing it right, you get a peak into that. I think I might be taking pride in the wrong things but this wasn’t the first time someone has said it was the best head they’ve ever gotten. *kanye shrugs*

I’ve been trying to get him into the habit of hitting me and punishing me more & he seems not completely opposed to it. I don’t know what it is, but I love being bent over and spanked, among many other things I don’t think I should reveal just yet. Anyways, that’s probably the only thing that would make sex with him out of this world. I still can’t believe it’s only going to get better. I’m tellin y’all, the Universe is really fuckin with me right now. I know this is going to sound bad to some, but I know y’all done had someone who could really GET. IN. THEM. GUTS! Well, this is no different because daddy was IN THERE. I love when he pins me down when we’re fucking, putting all of his weight on me, getting as deep as he possibly can, all the while moaning and talking in my ear. He said I was gonna get it that night and he definitely didn’t lie! I’m sure y’all could already assume that this man is gifted in skill and size. Like damn, where are the flaws because I’ve seen none thus far. You’re sweet AND there’s good dick? What the fuck?! Just sitting here imagining how much sweeter and stickier things are going to get is getting me wet.

Remember that time I said I was probably going to get attached? Well yea, that happened. I never know what I’m going to write about until I’m actually sitting down in front of the keyboard but I can guarantee that this isn’t the last time you’ll read about this man.


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