The Internet: Hive Mind Tour

The Internet: Hive Mind Tour

As I walked into Varsity Theater Wednesday night for The Internet’s Hive Mind Tour, I was kinda worried this would be a “Kanye” concert. Especially since the venue was in the heart of bro territory of Dinkytown. To my surprise, as I walked in I was surrounded by beautiful Black and Brown bodies. The styles of everyone was breathtaking and the overall feeling was tied together by the living room set they built for the stage. Which made the experience so intimate. I mean, c’mon, it’s the Internet. Intimacy is their specialty.

Syd’s voice was shy in the beginning, welcoming us into their “home.” Giving us jams from their album, Feel Good, of course hits from Hive Mind, like Come Over and It Gets Better. As she begins It Gets Better, she throws a shout out to depression. Syd lets the audience know she’s grateful she’s no longer alone in the battle. We are not alone. After a couple of slow jams Syd announces, “no more sad songs.” The Internet quickly shifts to their album Ego Death. The crowd goes into a frenzy of laughter, screaming and dancing. Ego Death will forever be a mood.


The concert was overall good, but honestly it could have been better. No disregard to the Internet but rather to the venue. The audio quality was not where it should be, and if you already know the sound of The Internet and Syd’s soft vocals, The Varsity should have been on their shit, but that didn’t seem to bother the establishment. So that honestly was a bummer to the people in the back who may not be familiar with The Internet. Not to mention, the lack of the theater educating themselves on who’s playing at their venue. Rumors have it Astralblack wasn’t able to perform because the venue didn’t realize it was a band and couldn’t accommodate the set up and break down. (White People, get your shit together)

If you missed the event, The Internet has added more shows to their tour! And if for some reason you haven’t listen to Hive Mind yet, it’s available on all platforms!