Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

Sex, Syrup & Other Sticky Things

Awhile back I went to Instagram (damn, you’re really not following @mayaexplains yet? I thought our relationship was better than that) and gave people the opportunity to ask me questions, as if I’m an expert or something. But hey, I’m not the one who suggested I do this little advice segment. Anyways, I’ve rounded up some of the best questions and I’m here to help!

How do you get over someone (Friend/Ex/etc) and find peace within you to not be petty?

I think time plays a huge part in this. If you’re feeling the urge to be petty, just block their ass from every social media account, their number, email, all of it honestly. Even if you don’t feel like being petty I feel like you should remove all of their social media accounts. If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna want to lurk. How do you expect to get over someone if you’re stalking their page 24/7, it’s simply not possible. I know it’s easier said than done but eventually you’ll find yourself checking up on them less and less until it never happens at all.

Another thing that helps me get over a person/situation is simply getting out more. Get out the damn house and off your phone. I’m not just talking about going to a club either; go to an art gallery, that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out, the movies, a networking event, it really doesn’t matter. Go alone and challenge yourself to connect with at least 3 new people. I do this every time I go to an event and it has helped me in more ways than one. PLUS you’ll have more people to help take your mind off of the negativity in your life.

It’s hard for me to tell you to not be petty because I am Queen Petty. I’ve honestly been trying to work on that though and I feel like I’m getting a little better haha. If you’re feeling like doing something out of character, shmoke a blunt (if that’s your thing), write down your thoughts & wait at least 12 hours before making your next move. Trust me, this works. I’ve been on the brink of doing sooo much petty shit but doing all of that stops me and makes me realize that it’s not even that serious at the end of the day.

Any tips or tricks that usually work on how to please another person (any gender)?

I’ve said this previously in a past article but it couldn’t be more true: just talk to your partner. Whether it’s about how they like to be spoken to, how they liked to be loved or how they liked to be fucked. I could tell you what I love but that doesn’t mean that they will love it too. Everyone is different and everyone has that something that makes them tingle.

How to avoid using teeth when giving head, how to avoid choking and dying lmao

For the low price of $309.99, I’ll send you a tutorial of yours truly in the act lmaoo! I kid, I kid. I think I have an advantage because I have a big ass mouth so I can open it pretty wide haha. It’s actually very rare that you’ll have teeth involved when giving head unless you’re actually trying to do so. Like if you’re having a teeth problem, there’s not much I can do to help you at this point lmao! In all seriousness, it just takes practice. I definitely wasn’t the goddess of Huk Yuk starting out, which is to be expected. You have to learn how to control your breath, that’s probably the biggest help with all of this. Also, don’t eat beforehand. In my experience, when I don’t eat I can deepthroat way more for some reason. Just relax and everything will be smooth.

Do you find it hard maintaining respect from men while remaining openly sexual? Or do you find its insecure men who can’t handle the sexuality?

Honestly, not at all. The men I choose to surround myself with, whether it be an intimate or platonic relationship, have to have a certain level of maturity and respect for women. I just do me and be my authentic self and by doing that, I’ve always been given respect from both men and women. It’s evident in more ways than one that I’m a woman deserving of respect (not to say that ALL women are not deserving, because they definitely are) and I’m treated accordingly. I demand respect so I receive it. I’m not doing too much out the ordinary when it comes to my sexuality, it just so happens that I choose to write about it on a public platform. Of course there are the select few who think how I choose to live my life isn’t all that great but the beauty in that is, they don’t truly know me at all. I have the ability to reveal parts of my life, making you think you know a lot when in reality there’s so much more to me. If anyone chooses to label me slut, hoe or anything else in that nature, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. They simply don’t know me and that’s not my problem.

Advice on girls dealing with heartbreak like cheating

This is a hard one because I’m also currently dealing with this myself. With cheating, men need to understand that it can completely alter the way you view yourself, women & future partners. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. You have to work hard to push those thoughts away, you can’t let one, two or even a hundred heartbreaks negatively effect your outlook on love. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been cheated on or played by a nigga but I can guarantee you that I will never give up on love because I know I deserve it & I know it’s possible. My two biggest words of advice for this question would be 1. Don’t force yourself to move on if you’re not ready. That will be a huge mistake because you’ll realize in the end that you’re STILL stuck on that bum and you’ll be right back where you started. 2. Realize that that shit has nothing to do with you & everything to do with him. It’s not your fault that you were cheated on, I can promise you that. If the person didn’t want to be in a relationship or monogamous, they could’ve just as easily COMMUNICATED. It’s not your fault girl.

How can I be more sexy? I end up talkin in some weird accent cuz I get awkward. HELP.

This might sound cliche but honestly, the key is confidence! I used to be so damn awkward and insecure whenever it came to being sexy until I just started owning my body and who I was as a woman. I’m not gonna lie, I’m curious to know what kind of accent you’ve been doing lmao! Either way, you should probably drop it unless you’re role playing. You have to understand that a certain level of awkward is totally okay. I’ve had my fair share of awkward moments during sex but I just laugh them off and go back to doing what I intended to do in the first place haha. Sex is supposed to be fun, it’s okay to laugh from time to time. I suggest doing what I did (and STILL do) to gain and maintain confidence. I literally sit in the bathroom naked, looking at myself for hours. Watching motivational videos, dancing, rapping, singing & just admiring. I don’t know why, but it has helped immensely.

Hope this helped/was entertaining enough for y’all sex fiends! I’ll be back with the beloved raunchy sex tales very soon.

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Cover Photo by Haythem Lafhaj & YES that’s me for those who don’t know what the queen of huk yuk looks like! All of the cover photos for Sex, Syrup & Sticky things have been of yours truly.