Noname: Room 25

Noname: Room 25

“Do you hear me man?

Do you understand? I am Black

I'm a nigga, do you understand me?

I was born black, I live black, and I'ma die probably because I'm black, because some cracker that knows I'm black better than you, nigga, is probably gonna put a bullet in the back of my head”


Noname has finally dropped her second album, Room 25. After much anticipation, we finally got what we were waiting for. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Noname. I will say, I was not disappointed. This 11 track album explores politics, Black America, unhealthy relationships, and most importantly, you can feel that this album is for Noname, herself. The features to the album were of no surprise that she would have her Chicago homies included. Room 25 includes, Adam Ness, Phoelix, Ravyn Lenae, Smino, Saba, Benjamin Earl Turner and Yaw.

Noname stays true to her calm, humble sound. Her album is almost like a hip-hop lullaby. It’s full of jazzy notes and ballads. It flows so easily, she doesn’t have to exaggerate anything to make a point. The whole album does justice but here are some tracks that stood out.

SELF: It’s funny because I feel like this track brings a reminisce of Telefone. Another smooth track that proves all the haters wrong. My favorite line: “Fucked your rapper homie, now his ass is making better music. My pussy teachin 9th grade english. My pussy wrote a thesis on colonialism.”

Prayer’s Song ft. Adam Ness: After each verse you want to snap your fingers as though your sitting in a Poetry Slam and Noname is on stage spewing all the truths in one breath. This track explores the state of the country with police violence. The loss of too many Black souls. We’re so conditioned to thinking that was a time of the past, but if we look, we’ll see the true state of the world. “I was lost, thinking I was truly free. Darkness lingers in the wake of slavery. Hold me close, don’t let me fall into deep”.

Window ft. Phoelix: The strings in this track brings it all together., complimenting both Noname’s rapping and Phoelix’s subtle vocals. This track seems to explore unhealthy relationships. Trying to better yourself in someone that can’t help you. “The way I lullaby your brokenness, believe me I’m Ripley.” When in reality, all the energy we put in for others we should be putting into ourselves. “Quit looking out the window, go find yourself. Come get the back with your kinfolk, don’t doubt your wealth.”

ACE ft. Smino & Saba: What I love about this track, is that you can feel the energy bouncing off of them in each verse. This is definitely the more light easy going track with three friends making music together. They explore their success, traveling, the music industry and the fact that they are out here doing what they love. “Labels got these niggas out here just doing it for the clout, I’m just writing my darkest secrets like wait and hear me out.”

Photograph courtesy of The Fader

Photograph courtesy of The Fader

Noname is definitely making a name for herself, and within that, staying true to her style and self. Something, I feel more artist are realizing they can do and still be recognized for their talent without a gimmick or doing nothing but diss tracks. It’s artist like her and Tierra Whack that are changing the rap game for the better.

Room 25 is available on all streaming platforms. She’s also starting her tour so make sure you grab your tickets. We at Culture Piece are too excited to continue to follow her success.