SiR: November

SiR: November

Tell me who that nigga is if it ain't me

If it ain't a party, then it's finna be

Never had a problem that I couldn't solve

It must be official, if I get involved

Quarter pound of fire burnin' daily

Harder to remember, gettin' harder to remember

I've been through enough to drive me crazy

I don't think my mama's gonna save me


Maybe I'm not flyin', but I'm floatin'

If we're not headed to the top, where we goin'?

Two miles-an-hour, can you picture me rollin'?

'Cause life is so much better when you live in slow motion



Darryl Farris better known as SiR, has dropped his first album under Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), November.   From Inglewood California, SiR is a singer and songwriter.  He’s wrote songs for artist such as Anita Baker, Tyrese and Jill Scott to just name a few. Before signing to TDE, homie was working as a musical engineer and writing for other artist on the side until deciding to fully pursue his own music. SiR’s first project was in 2014 called Seven Sundays and his EP in 2016, HER.


 November is an eleven-track album with two features (Schoolboy Q, Etta Bond) that takes you through space and time. The journey throughout the album is full of stress free instrumentals and beats that are light and make you feel like your floating. SiR has a deep passionate vibe to his style. With likes of artist such as Sampha and Omar Xavier. SiR delivers many inspirations from Soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop.  If you listen closely each song is instrumentally a throw back and a tribute to the genres before us.  His vocals are soft and meaningful. He sings with power.


My favorite tracks are D’Evils, a super chill smoke song, that instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed.  The reminder that all you can do sometimes, is say fuck it and smoke that spliff. Dreaming of me; a soft 90s baby music track that will get you ready to put it down on bae.  SiR talks about being on the road for so long and knowing that it will all be okay once he’s home again with the love of his life. War; what seems like a simplistic warming instrumental but is still so beautiful and makes your mind drift, this song is about fighting for love. SiR talks about learning to be the man he needs to be for his woman. His vocal range on this track will have you in your feels. That’s Alright; the upbeat track talks about having relationship issues with friends and family, because they all up in your business. My favorite line is “ all her friends can’t stand me, cause they know I’d trade her love her a Grammy.” I’m sure he’s just playin but that shit is hilarious and foul. The Overall message is to shut off all that noise about what other people have to say and just follow what makes you happy.

SiR definitely knows that he’s doing, and I honestly can’t wait for more music and collaborations in the future. If you haven’t checked him out yet, do yourself a favor!! He’s available on Spotify and Soundcloud.



Words by Tesia Pennie// @Childish_Fun