" Can you tell me what it's worth? 

You tell me what it's worth 

I know we all can repay 

And we gotta keep in balance 

Cause we all got dreams and hopes 

We share with those we love 

To make the most out of each day 

Cause there's no reason were alive 

And that's exactly why." 

-Don't Wonder 





Can we just talk about the fact that summer doesn't want to leave? I was getting on the bus the other day, enjoying the sunshine and all of a sudden, this album Rebelation caught my eye on Spotify. The first song Don't Wonder had me hooked immediately. The lyrics hit home so fast.  

TheColorGrey aka Will Michiels is a Belgian artist, first known for his EP Do The Right Thing and his feature on Night Slugs by Woodie Smalls. His sound goes between alternative R&B and Hip Hop, I say alternative R&B, only because there so much more to his sound. He's very intentional with his music and beats, not to mention, actual instruments. Throughout the album, you can hear hints of violins, guitars, drums, even trumpets. Sometimes an aspect I feel artists forget about. Using instruments to make music. ISSA THING.  His features include WAYI, Darrell Cole, and Oddisee 

Throughout his album, TheColorGrey explores themes around family struggles, doing music for not just himself, but the people that mean everything to what he has to gain. He mentions having family in the Congo, and how he feels that he owes them. He also mentions not wanting to be stuck in any kind of boxes, that goes towards his music career and his personal life. He can't just be another nigga in the street, waiting for the come up. He's making the come up for himself.  

My favorite tracks include, Don't Wonder, Walk that Road, On lock, Someday and Silence Speaks.  If you haven't had the pleasure yet, indulge below:

Words by Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun