Logic: Everybody's Tour

Logic: Everybody's Tour

Logic came to St. Paul on 8/16 on his Everybody's tour! Along with Joey Badass and Big Lenbo accompanying him!


Logic's long time friend Big Lenbo performed songs from his latest project "Strange Days". Towards the middle of his set he gave us a freestyle to Futures Mask Off beat, Ending with(My jam) "Ice Cold".


Joey Bada$$ opened with "Land of the free" from his rencent album "ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$" Joey's stage prescense is just as smooth as his flow. He feeds off the crowds energy and in return gives his all. He closed his set with "Devastated".


Logic's set begin with "Hallelujah" and "Everybody", he wasted no time and got straight to his hits old and new. He performed a good number of fan favorites from his recent albums & mixtape "The Incredible True Story" and "Bobby Tarantino". "Fade Away" and "Super Mario World" had me milly rocking harder than ever! Logic ended his set with an encore performance of "Gang Related" from his debut album "Under pressure"

Photographs & Words by Pierre Ware // @Bossforthecause