I've been waiting for this moment and after much anticipation, Reggie Lamar Williams or better known as R.LUM.R was able to take time out of his busy schedule and tour to have an interview with Culture Piece Magazine. R.LUM.R is a singer and songwriter. His sound is a mix of R&B with a splash of Pop. His vocal range is prodigious and has a very humbling vibe and overall he's just out here creating relatable music for all. Check out the interview below.

 Photo by Nolan Knight

Photo by Nolan Knight


Tesia: Thank you so much for taking time out, really appreciate it.

R.LUM.R: No, thank you for taking time, this is awesome.

T: I know you've been on tour, and you just got back to the States. How's that been treating you?

R: The tour has been great. Um.. I think you start to learn a lot of things about yourself, you learn how travel effects you and your body and your mental state. Being on the road and figuring out all the logistical stuff. I know this is a boring answer, but most of it is just travel, and organizational things and most of that stuff. The pay off is incredible. To go to places like Denmark and people know the songs. Over sea crowds are the best and they are so excited to sing along.

T: Was this your first time over seas?

R: This was my first time going to play. So we went to London, Denmark, Berlin, and South Korea.

T: That's awesome, sounds like you had an amazing experience... Oh! and congratulations on recently being on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight!!

R: Thank you, it was a lot of fun and Jimmy is very very nice, even taller than expected. (Haha)

T: So you've got your new EP, AFTERIMAGE. What was the inspiration behind the title?

R: AFTERIMAGE is the equivalence of the reflection of life, a point of reflection or process that life can be so bright or it can dance in a certain way that it leaves an after image of something. Like an out line reflection of something, after that something has already moved from a certain space or spot or moment in time.

T: Do you think that's a part of the process when writing? Having all these reflections of living your life and just trying to figure your shit out?

R: Yeah, that's definitely a part of it. I like it because having the ability to write about these things, you can make it your own, you can take a non-fiction and make it half fictional. You get to create the outcome, the middle and ending. You get to create the world in a sense. So you can create something that is an ideal version of something bad that has happen to you or talk straight through it and try to figure it out through words.

T: You've been getting so much attention lately and having these amazing experiences. As your name gets bigger, what do you want your audience to get from the music you create?

R: I would say my message is to try and understand each other and put yourself in someone else's position. I think for me it's the process of trying to understand myself and other people and me getting in contact with people and vice versa. I think that's what's important, writing about these experiences and the things I think about it. A lot of times it's me recreating these roles so other people don't have to go through that.

T: Soo, what is next for you? Are you working on any new music?

R:  Yes, I'm constantly writing, and coming up with ideas. We are still finishing the tour so it's just been giving me time to take everything in and all the new experiences and getting ready for whatever is next to come.

T: You're going to be in MN soon, why Duluth? (Not hating, I was just surprised it wasn't in the cities)

R: Yeah, so the festival was really interested and reached out and very persistent so we agreed and we're looking forward to it. I've never been to be Minnesota so it should be a great time.

T: What's been your favorite spot so far during the tour, or one that just really stood out to you?

R: It was really cool to be in South Korea, like literally 14 hours across the globe, literally in the future. They know the words and they are so excited to see you there, that was really really cool to see and feel it. The most exciting thing, is meeting all these new people and the impact of social media. Fans coming up to me and telling me their user names and shouting me out on there and I'm like "Hey, I remember you too!"

T: What kind of music did you grow up to? What got you into it?

R: My mother had us listening to a lot of Jazz and R&B, like Anita Baker, Sade, Earth Wind & Fire, stuff like that. Then in middle school I was introduced to bands like Linkin Park (RIP Chester) and I was just like "Yo, what is this?" you know. They opened a lot of different genres to me, and they even had a rapper so I was down for it. I started getting into hard rock and just a serendipity of music that was being introduced to me.

T: I love that, it's always so refreshing when you get introduced to all this music and your just so happy that it's out there. You're just like "this is what I've been missing, this is what I've been waiting for."  But, thank you so much R.LUM.R for your time, we at Culture Piece Magazine  are so excited for your new EP and your future in music! Thank you.

R: Thank you, Tesia.

If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to R.LUM.R's new EP AFTERIMAGE, check it out below. It's a 6 track EP including one of Spotify's top playing songs, Frustrated and his singles Love Less and Close Enough. This EP is full of chill vibes about the frustrations with relationships, not knowing when to let go and learning to love yourself & your significant other.

Words by Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun

Header image by Nolan Knight // NolanKnight_