No Ends

A party went down in the heart of Brooklyn, New York on Saturday night. Doperoots and rapper A$AP Ferg's brand, Traplord, joined forces to bring the event "No Ends" to NYC for the very first time.

Photo Aug 12, 7 32 31 PM.jpg

        The team over at X Games sports were also apart of the event. Ramps and rails were placed in the No Ends warehouse for event goers to display their skills in skateboarding and BMX biking. Special guest, MTV Jackass's own Weeman, hung out with fans and also showed off what he can do on four wheels.


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       Various food vendors, tattoo artists and painters made a diverse crowd. A wall full of classic video games was best of all. From arcade style games to consoles like the original PlayStation and GameCube, strangers picked up controllers and played against one another. It showed the true purpose of the No Ends event and that's to come together as a culture to have a good time with each other.


Photo Aug 13, 12 08 20 AM.jpg

       The nostalgic feeling of classic video games, good food and sports are cool but most fans, including myself, came to see the live performances going on throughout the night. Artists such as Lil Peep, Squid Nice, Marty Baller and headliner, A$AP Ferg hit the stage for over 1,000 raging fans. A$AP Mob members A$AP Twelvyy and A$AP Ant made an appearance to support Ferg during the show. The 'East Coast' rapper performed songs from his newly released album 'Still Striving' and classics like 'Work.' Ferg was proud to have brought No Ends to NY for the first time and closed the day with an inspirational speech and signing autographs for fans.

        Will you be at the next No Ends event in NYC? A$AP Ferg's new album 'Still Striving' will be available on 8/18/17. Make sure to check it out. 

Words & photographs by Miguel Crespo // @_cold_as_ic3_