Tyler, The Creator: Scum Fuck Flower Boy


“Ain't nobody fucking with T, but that just may be my ego

But don't be too cool you might freeze

Because niggas get stuck in the cold (Man, look at this ice)

Shit weighs a ton, water your garden my nigga

(Stunt on these niggas)

Tell these black kids they can be who they are

Dye your hair blue, shit, I'll do it too

Look, I smell like Chanel

I never mop up with my manicured nails

I coconut oil the skin

I keep the top though 'cause the follicles thinnin'

But other than that, man, it feels like I'm winning

But from statistics, a million are seeing in doubt because my skin is dark

Then they forget when I get in my car”

- Where This Flower Blooms



Tyler, The Creator has made one of the most important albums thus far. I personally never really got into Odd Future, I knew only a few tracks from homie. I guess I thought Tyler didn’t really give a shit about anything, maybe he doesn’t, maybe he cares too much. But after listening to this album, after reading interviews, I think I’m finally connecting the dots or what I am perceiving as dots that need to be connected.

 GoMN.com / Darin Kamnetz

GoMN.com / Darin Kamnetz


Scum Fuck Flower Boy is Tyler’s 4th album, with some amazing features including, Can, Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, Kali Uchis, A$AP ROCKY, Jaden Smith, Estelle, Anna of the North, Corinne Bailey, Steve Lacey and Lil Wayne.  What makes this album so relevant is that it shows the process that is, trying to find oneself, or the reality that you know who you are, but now you gotta be real with everyone else. For Tyler, it’s accepting himself, his sexuality.  Honestly, it’s none of our fucking business, but it shows the stigma within the Black community and society in general about the boxes that we try to fit Black men and women.  The myth that Black boys must stay in this hyper-masculinity lane to become a man. We forget that no matter a man’s sexuality, he is still a man.


The whole album is a great representation of Tyler being incredibly raw and honest (something, that he’s never been shy to do, yet instead of coming off crass, he’s being real).  In tracks like Forward, November and I ain’t Got Time, Homie is droppin all this T, while still saying "Fuck You, I’m still living my life." You get this sense of stress leaving him. Tyler ends the album with an Instrumental, “Enjoy Right Now, Today” a majestic tune that is almost like the calm after the storm. You feel a sense of peace and nothingness, like when you’re alone enjoying all the flowers, reminiscing all the significant moments, the moments that bring you to your present.

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Words By: Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun