6 Web Series You Should Be Binging

6 Web Series You Should Be Binging

I know most of you are still finishing Orange is the New Black, probably re-watching Insecure and catching up on the latest Game of Thrones episodes.  I’ve been wanting to get back into watching some really good shows & finding more relatable content, and there's no better place than the world of web series! It’s necessary and wonderful to find other people wanting to share their lives and complexity of intersectionality.


  • Black Student Union


This Issa Rae Production web series is about a group of young black students at UCLA trying to navigate through college and life. All while trying to convince their fellow student body members that they are a legit club by bringing  up issues that matter to them and their college. This series is an extremely short one, with four episodes as their first season. The series features a bunch of young fresh faces such as, Tom Williamson, Nadja Sofi, Teddy Ray, Trisha Jean, Israel Dixon and Michael Bow.  You can find this web series on YouTube.


  • Get Your Life


This web series is written and created by Amanda Seales. A childhood actress from Nickelodeon’s My Brother and Me. Now, as a grown ass woman, Amanda is trying to navigate through life. From moving to California from New York to become a more creditable actress in the crazy acting industry. To being a black woman, and wanting more than stereotypical bullshit roles. You can find this web series on YouTube.


  • Brown Girls


Brown Girls is a series about two women of colour in their mid-twenties, Patricia (Sonja Denis) and Leila (Nabilia Hassan), . Living their millennial life learning their paths and navigating through “no string one night stands,” sexual identity, and learning commitment. This series is about a journey of deciding what they want to do and the women they want to become.   You can find this web series on Vimeo under Open Tv Beta.


  • Brujos


This dark comedy thriller is about a friendship between a group of Latino gay men, Panifilo (Richard Gamboa), Edwin (Justin Ignatius Mitchell), Jonathan (Isaac Gomez), and Brian (Jake Szczapnial).  They are balancing the life of being witches, grad school and witch hunters, all while trying to keep their sanity.  You can find this show on Vimeo or on their website at brujostv.com


  • Sidetrack


Sidetrack is a web series about a group of queer women, navigating through friendships, dealing with stigmas and myths within sexuality and navigating through the wonderful world of dating. Not to mention, attempting adulthood. This can be tricky shit.  This series features, Andrea Lee Christiansen, Shelby Capone, and Carly Fawcett. Written by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya. You can find this series on YouTube.


  • Dear Jesus


A British Wonder London Production web series, about a girl name Mercedes (Linda Adey), a Black Christian woman that believes she puts all her faith in the lord but still sees no reward.  A series of bad luck continues to hit Mercedes, leaving her jobless, homeless and boyfriend-less. She is then forced to live with her mother and work in her mother’s shop. At first, she thinks her world is falling apart until she realizes God could be testing her and putting her life in the right direction.  This series features, Samantha Earle, Leonie Haynes-Moses and Tristan Smith-Morris.  You can find this show on YouTube.


Words by Tesia Penie // @childish_fun