Fashion Week Mn has come and gone, but the memories live on! I don’t think I could forget Spring FWMN if I tried. When Culture Piece Magazine was invited to curate an event for fashion week this season, of course we accepted! With not even a year under our belt, I was shocked to even be considered to be apart of this. What does the fashion industry want with the outspoken, Black, & raunchy publication that is Culture Piece? Maybe the industry is ready for the change we have been forcing upon their eyes for so long? Maybe they wanted to test us out, see what we’re made of? Either way, I was ready to break down the walls of the Minnesota fashion scene and show them that a little color & diversity goes a long way. So with that, Culture Piece set out to create a fashion presentation to conclude Fashion Week Mn that would leave people talking and inspired.


Designers Sydney Moustakis, Ke’Andrea Shelby, and Hawwaa Ibrahim of Project Runway Junior Season 2 were the featured designers of the evening. It’s without hesitation and doubt that I say all of these designers are going to BIG places! Our stylists, Odyssey Sawyer, Siafa Johnson, & Tailor Hodges brought the models to life in a way no else would ever be able to! Makeup artists Yanna Jordan, Toddi Rogers, & Tailor Hodges played with color to make eyes pop behind sunnies. Hairstylists Dre Demry-Sanders, Tamia Daye, & Melissa Taylor completely killed it with different styles of braids for every collection. The overall looks were some of the cleanest of Fashion Week Mn, if I do say so myself.

It seemed as though we had a star studded line up of Minnesota performers! We had the amazing DJ WNDRLND on music throughout the evening. Award winning poet & spoken word artist, Donte Collins opened the evening with a private performance for the VIP guests. Neo-Soul/Jazz-Funk band Ayvah, graced the stage in a smooth set. Singer Lady Midnight, closed the evening out with an ever enchanting performance.

Of course we had a lot of help from the community to make this event a success. I give the hugest thanks to all of our sponsors and partners who had enough faith in a couple of inexperienced 20 years old. Thank you Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis, W Minneapolis- The Foshay, Fashion Week MN, Hues Company, Baking & Co, Viktoria Rose, Alexis Brazil, Doap, Specs Optical, and The Beauty Lounge for all of your amazing support! We can’t thank you enough!


Words by Maya Clark

Photographs by Pierre Ware