Spree Wilson

Culture Piece Magazine has had our eye on singer-songwriter, Spree Wilson, for some time now, so imagine our excitement when he agreed to a photoshoot and interview with us! Lead photographer, Pierre Ware, flew out to Manhattan for an exclusive shoot with Spree. Sans 3 piece suit, Spree kept it natural in Soho. Music journalist, Tesia Pennie, teamed up with Pierre in a Culture Piece interview, shown below!


Culture Piece: What's the first album you fell in love with?

Spree Wilson: Hmm…the 1st album I can actually remember falling in love with was probably Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”. It was just an album that I heard a lot as a kid. I think I learned most of the songs verbatim, separately before I even knew that they were all a part of an album.


CP: When did you know music was what you wanted to do with your life?

SW: Probably once I realized that I wasn’t that great at anything else in life...lol. No, that’s not true...really, it's the only thing I’ve ever done…I’ve been doing music since I was 7, so I don’t think it was ever a thought that I wouldn’t do music. I’ve always felt that this was something I was suppose to do, as cliché as that sounds.


CP: What would you be doing if you weren't a musician?

SW: I’ve never really given any real considerable thought about what I would do had I not been a musician. Off the top of my head, I probably would have gone into animation…maybe tried to get a job at Disney or something like that. Or maybe an author...who knows...


CP: Top 5 artist? (Alive or dead)

SW: In no particular order: Paul McCartney, Prince, David Bowie, Andre 3000, and Beck


CP: What do you want people to get out of your music?

SW: That's a hard question...everyone gets something different from music, and these days I’m not even sure I want people to get anything from it...that would suggest that there is some kind of objective behind the music, and there isn’t any really. More than anything, I make music for myself because it's the one thing that I'm really good at and also because going to therapy is fucking expensive…so it’s an outlet for me to exercise my own demons, so to speak. If someone can draw anything from that, more power to them.


 CP: Where do you get your signature style from and when is new music coming?

SW: The sound comes from a lot of trial and error…seeing what works and what fails miserably. Eventually you do it enough that it becomes a part of you, where you’re able to twist and manipulate it into some sort of style. New music is coming soon…this year. Fingers crossed!


Interview conducted by: Pierre Ware // @bossforthecause & Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun

Intro by: Maya Clark // @mayaexplains

Photographs by: Pierre Ware