Can Can Wonderland

Can Can Wonderland

“Located in St. Paul’s Hamline Midway neighborhood and the Creative Enterprise Zone, Can Can Wonderland combines art and play to create a one-of-a-kind arts immersive environment for people of all ages to enjoy. We offer a truly unique, 18-hole artist designed, indoor mini golf course. But Can Can Wonderland isn’t just mini golf; it’s a wonderland full of arts-based fauna and flora for you to explore and delight in! Our boardwalk is full of attractions and amusements (created by/with artists). Our two stages offer a wide array of local and regional talents. We have a couple bars…we might have a secret bar! We have noshes! We even have a few unicorns.”-Can Can Wonderland


    Culture Piece Magazine took a trip to the latest spot to be, Can Can Wonderland, with curious minds and a DSLR in hand. Upon entering the warehouse that is Can Can Wonderland, you find concrete walls covered with graffiti and the smell of foods that you can only imagine! I was immediately welcomed as family by CEO, Jennifer Pennington and all of the other amazing employees of this wonderland. My eyes continuously jumped from place to place, taking in the multiple bars, vintage video games, and the amazing mini golf course.

    This is truly a place where the whole family can come along and enjoy something, whether it be mini golf or not. The demographic is off the charts with babies in bjorns, elders, hipsters, and seemingly every culture present! Between the never ending list of vintage video games (including a mini bowling alley!!), “Adventures in Cardboard”, and the crazy concoctions they create in the kitchen, I made the assumed 1 hour visit, into a 4 hour day at Can Can Wonderland!  

    The thing about Can Can Wonderland is that this isn’t just an ordinary golf course -as if you haven’t already noticed that. Every single hole in the course was designed by a different artist! Some of my favorites included: the “State Fair” hole designed by Julia Hinds, “Music Mountain” designed by Jason Quick, and of course “The Mini Golf Hole Formerly Known As the World’s Longest Hole” (which is also decked out in all purple for the late Prince) designed by Than Tibbetts. From the golf course to the food, everything has an artistic and creative twist to it, exposing people to art who may otherwise show little to no interest.

At only $9-$12 per round, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be at Can Can Wonderland this weekend! Stay tuned for more exciting news between Can Can Wonderland and Culture Piece Magazine!


Words by Maya Clark