I AM MPLS! was such a memorable and rewarding experience I’ll never forget, and I’m so excited to share with you my overall experience being a part of an amazing event, along with some behind the scenes content! Founded by Sarah Edwards, I AM MPLS! celebrates and connects local creatives in the area. This year’s event was curated by Culture Piece Magazine, featuring an all POC lineup of models and creatives!

Getting glammed up before the show was just as fun walking down the runway, especially with the help of hair stylist Traverna Douglas and makeup artist Ariel Harris- who had me laughing in the chair the majority of the time while she was doing my makeup!

Out of the seven boutiques participating in I AM MPLS!, I was selected to walk the runway in Cliché, and it must’ve been luck because Cliché is one of my favorite boutiques in the Twin Cities. The black silk slip dress I wore for the night was an item I’ve actually had my eye on for quite some time. So, when owner of Cliché, Delayna Sundberg, came backstage after the show to let us know we were able to keep the looks from her boutique, I was so excited! This was by far the best surprise of the night.

Each creative walked the runway representing their business/brand, and I had the pleasure of representing my fashion blog As Told By Aggie. For me, what made walking down the runway for my blog so special was the fact that creating a fashion blog was on my mind for about 6 years. This past summer I officially came to terms that the feeling of creating something constantly on my mind wasn’t going away anytime soon. I finally put myself out there, pushed, and believed in myself to finally launch it in September, and I can’t tell you how happy I am for finally pursing it. As I stepped on the platform and saw my blog name within my bio on the screen, there were so many thoughts racing through my head! From thinking about how starting a blog was just a thought, to actually creating it, and there I was representing a dream of mine that I made into a reality, the biggest emotion overtaking my body was an enormous wave of happiness. I tried to keep a straight face, but by the time I reached the end of the runway, I couldn’t even hide it anymore. As cheesy as these sounds, all I could do was smile no matter how hard I tried to keep a straight face!


I AM MPLS! truly does make you feel proud of your personal accomplishments, and on top of that- you get to connect with other creatives who you may not have met if there wasn’t an I AM MPLS! Thank you Sarah Edwards and Culture Piece Magazine for selecting me to be a part of an event I’ll never forget.


Words by Aggie Ofori-Amanfo // @aggieoa

Photographs by Sabrina Kennelly // @theprincessfusion