Willow: The 1st

“ Your eyes like caramel in the sky

Dripping down my moon

Your smile like the wind

I only met you once

But how do I begin?

The Kong Lung market and your flower of life t-shirt

Ah-ah Ah-ah

You said you'd fallen and just how much it hurts

Ah-ah Ah-ah

So you blew the clouds and you walked around

Asked Pella to take you away from me

A guide pulled a knife and life will suffice

Then fell asleep under the Noni tree”

- Boy


Willow Smith is back y’all, dropping another beautiful album on her 17th birthday, which was Halloween! Scorpio baby, aye! She is so vibrant, true and making sure that she is paving her own way within music.  After much anticipation since her album Ardipithecus, her latest album The 1st is finally here with such a powerful sound. Willow has so many different influences. From growing up going on tour with her mother’s rock band to Tribal, Classical, folk and of course R&B and Pop. Willow is really showing off how versatile her sound can be. She has no boundaries and isn’t afraid to express her true self.

The 1st is a mystical journey. Willows lyrics are simple meaning they are straight to the point but yet still complex. She’s always talking about the galaxy, her third eye and the possibilities throughout the universe. How one moment life can seem assuring and wonderful and then the next, unpredictable and torment.  Her albums are sophisticated journeys of life through a teenager. Through Willow. 

My favorite tracks in this album include: Boy, a whimsical folky song about falling for a boy, but that boy like her has baggage and they must get through it or all may seem lost.  An Awkward Life Of An Awkward Girl, is a beautiful instrumental. It’s a perfect track to listen to and watch the snow fall while on metro transit. At least that’s what I’ve been doing.  Israel, I’m still trying to figure out if this is about finding the one, or a story of two people finding each other. Either way, it’s poetic. Soft yet daring and gives you this feeling of going for risks.  Human Leech. It’s exactly how it sounds. Realizing that person you thought was there for you, was just sucking you dry and taking all your energy. It’s dark and screamy.

All in all, Willow is not a child anymore. She’s a grown ass woman with many feels. And she’s ready to bare it all. 


Words by Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun

Cover Photo Courtesy of Saint Heron