Based on Spike Lee's first film in 1986, he's evolved and adapted this film to a must see T.V. series on Netflix. (GENIUS) She's gotta have it, follows Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise). An inspiring artist who lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn New York. Nola Darling is a woman who feels comfortable with her sexuality, meaning she doesn't feel the need to stay in generic societal boxes. She identifies as a polygamist, meaning she believes in having more than one partner/lover. Through this series it follows Nola Darling juggling her three men and their very different personalities. We have Jamie Overstock (Lyriq Bent), he's the Black somewhat conservative that got out the hood, but still knows where he comes from. This relationship is especially tricky since he's a married man. Greer Childs (Cleo Anthony) is a pretty boy model and photographer. Greer thinks only of himself and truly believes he's the only man that can make Nola wet. Mars Blackmon (Anthony Ramos) is a sneakerhead bicyclist that keeps it real with Nola. He only wants the best for her and wants to succeed in her art. 



Nola, while dealing with her partners, figuring out what she wants not just in her personal love life, but within her art careers, gets assaulted one night. She decides to no longer live life by the male gaze. She uses her art to start her "My name isn't" campaign and to take a stand to these unrealistic beauty standards, double standards and fake ass people that feel like they can speak for women.   


She's Gotta Have It, is so important and relevant right now. Honestly, it's always been relevant when it comes to shining a light on the double standards between men and women when it comes to expressing their sexuality and having control over it.  A man can have many sexual partners and be seen as cool or just casually dating with no consequences. But if a woman has more than one partner, she is seen as a nympho and too sexually driven. You can't be a lady if you have your legs open. It also shines a huge light on sexual harassment towards women.  

The fact that men feel they can come up to women they don't know and start cat-calling and expect women to accept it or feel like they are some special chosen unicorn is fucking ridiculous. But more importantly how Rape Culture even in the smallest forms are so dangerous towards girls and women. The fact that women can't say "NO" without fear of being called a bitch, or worse, endure violence is a true representation of how men and society believe women should be treated.  

Hats off to this wonderful adaption to Spike Lee's first film. ( If you haven't seen the original version, please get your life) 

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