I know what y'all are thinking; why is this POC owned, hip hop covering publication covering EDM?! Well, the answer is simple: because fuckin we wanted to haha! I know it's not our typical scene, but something about Odesza really speaks to me. Although I’ve been to plenty of EDM shows, I’ve never been to an Odesza show & I heard they were legendary so I definitely had high expectations.  


Let me tell you, Odesza lived up to their reputation! Every moment was high energy and full of discovery. From the beginning to the end, I was completely in awe. The visuals were damn near blinding! I honestly can’t even put into words how amazing it looked. Somehow Odesza was able to put their music into visual art and it was executed perfectly! The lights alone were mesmerizing with laser-like lights reaching out to the crowd. 

Odesza played ALL the hits despite it being their “A Moment Apart” tour to celebrate their latest album of the same title. All our our favorites such as Say My Name, Sun Models, and of course, Bloom. They also played some of their newer hits like Line of Sight, Meridian, and Across the Room ft. Leon Bridges! EDM shows always have the most energetic crowds I’ve ever experienced and this was no exception. With every song came another rush of excitement from us all. I definitely suggest you go out your comfort zone and make you way to the next EDM show, preferably an Odesza show, as they’re like no other!

Words by Maya Clark // @mayaexplains

Photographs by Pierre Ware // @bossforthecause