Rapsody: Laila's Wisdom


"I've spent way to much time tryna fit in

It's time to go"

Laying on this flo' dying flashing thru my life and everybody said it’s cool but Where dey?

"It's time to go"

Telling me we young and that we only gon live once and this the only way to fully enjoy the party

"Damn near all youuuu...home"

But I was having fun before I ever took the risk now they bangin on my chest telling me it’s

"Time to go home"

Thinkin' bout my family, Know this one gon hurt eem honest

Damn I'm sorry mama but I gotta

"It's Time to go home"

Tell grandmama I love her, If you see my baby please hug her

Cuz these demons said I gotta go

"It's time to go"

Save Jordan's for my brother, tell little sister, your daughter, peer pressure is coming

Its real mama

"Damn near all YOUUU"

None of it make it cool

But it's her decision to choose

Just remember me when you it's yo time

"Time to go home"

-Jesus Coming



Rapsody has graciously left us with a new album, Laila’s Wisdom. The title is a tribute to her grandmother. I don’t know about y’all, but a grandmother’s wisdom is probably the best thing a grandmother can give you. It’s the sense of reassurance that when you think all has gone wrong or failed, all we have to do is pick ourselves up and try again. And when we do it, make sure we are doing it for ourselves.

Rapsody is honestly one of the most under rated female rappers EVER. It amazes me how she’s not on the top like most of the famous “rappers” we have out here, but it should show, how when your yourself and you don’t want to change for the media or what the music industry thinks you should be portraying yourself, this is what happens. People are too worried about beefs between Nicki Manaj and Remi or if Cardi B is really doing it for the culture or not (which she is) we forget about women like Rapsody, who have been doing it for the culture since the beginning and without being flashy, or with some gimmick. Not trying to come at other women who feel the need to be shaped someway (everyone has bills to pay) but it makes you wonder why we are so obsessed with illusions of bullshit and the façade of fame and drama. But I digress…

Because this album, is soooo good. With amazing features including, Anderson. Paak, BJ the Chicago Kid, MUTHAFUCKIN Black Thought, Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar, GQ, Moon Child, Lance Skiiiwalker, Musiq Soulchild, Terrance Martine, Gwen Bunn and Amber Navran, this list is too dope to do any wrong and with production help with the one and only, 9th Wonder. Rapsody explores many themes throughout the album, addressing double standards within the music industry, power and how easily people and authorities take advantage of the Power they feel they hold, so much so that they believe they can take our lives, our family, and our friends. She talks about surviving and taking in all the SASS! “Does my sassiness upset you?” I especially love the track SASSY because that’s one of our superpowers as a Black woman, you might try to bring us down but we will keep smiling and keep living our BEST lives.  She addresses the progress of learning to just be herself, learning to trust herself by remembering the words of her gma, letting that guide her. Her track, Black & Ugly is also a favourite. To be black and ugly is a concept I will forever know, and not even in a sense of appearance but worth, equity or lack thereof, and acceptance, and how other people feel they can treat you. It still amazes me how so many people want to be everything they hate. It still amazes me how people can make a profit out of their hate towards us, But yet they want to be us so bad without actually having to BE US.

What I love about Rapsody and her music is the authenticity. Her albums always remind me of some old school track, the complexity with not just lyrics but how she uses samples and brings old and new together and creates something so powerful and unique. You can tell she knows what she’s doing and she knows music inside and out. You can literally hear the appreciations in each track. She’s one of those artist who make hip-hop eloquent.

 Words by Tesia Pennie // @childish_fun