Envision 10 Year Anniversary

Envision 10 Year Anniversary

September 24th marked the night of the Envision 10 Year Anniversary Fashion Show held at Orchestra Hall in Downtown Minneapolis. Fashion designers, stylists, MUAs, hair stylists, and fashion enthusiasts alike came together to experience this one of a kind fashion event. When you walked into the event, you noticed art installations from Public Functionary, amazing food provided by Masu and Lotus, and a beautiful winding runway which would soon be home to the Ignite Models.

The evening started with a VIP hour, where I took the time to explore what the night had to offer. In the connecting room was the Atrium, where DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and DJ Andthatsbreon led the dance floor all night! There was even a performance by the always wonderful, Lady Midnight. There was also an outside patio where we could go if things got a little too hot, which was a definite plus. If you went upstairs, you'd find a red carpet where you could of course get your photo taken. With trap music playing in one room, and sushi being served in the next, it was an amazing balance. The entire night was perfectly glamorous and perfectly turnt!

Soon the time came to see the designs! Even before the models came out, I could tell nothing but the best would be walking down the runway. Hosts, Tricia Heuring and John Mark, were amazing as always and kept us entertained throughout the night. Before each designer’s line was shown, small videos were presented including bios and inspiration for the collections. It was a nice touch and definitely helped me understand what each designer was thinking when they were creating their collections. This is one of the best fashion shows I've ever attended and I look forward to covering the event again come Spring!



Emah the Label:


Light flowy, minimalist, creams, whites, small detail, ready to wear, clean. These are all words that can be used to describe Emah The Label. This collection is perfect for the fall.


Joeleen Torvick:



Joeleen’s collection was beautiful with its subtle color pops and fabrics. This collection has more depth and texture than her last, which is definitely nice to see! Unlike many high fashion collections, Torvick had many different body types in mind while designing; the layers, textures, and angles can help conceal any areas you want to hide.



Reinier Vigoa:


I've been a big fan of Reinier’s for some time now so I was not surprised to see another collection that wowed the audience. Rust oranges and deep blues were a few colors to make an appearance. Reinier always brings the sex appeal to his pieces with silk fabrics and intricate details.


Russell Bourrienne:


Russell Bourrienne has one of the best menswear collections in Minnesota! With inspirations from Armani, Versace, and GQ’s September 1980 issue, I saw his collection come to life. Bourrienne brought a twist on classic menswear with green bomb jackets, leather jeans, and small touches of velvet on pieces.


Kindred Folk:


Fur coats, off the shoulder tops, and hand painted pieces are staples of this collection. Kindred Folk brought a fresh look for the fall that's sure to catch on. This chic line is definitely going to grace the pages of Culture Piece in the future!




Cliché was one of my favorites of the night! Asian inspired embroidered bomber jackets and over the top metallic head pieces stole the show! Sky high heels elevated these editorial looks. This collection speaks for itself, so take a look!




20th century abstract painters were the inspiration behind this collection. Bundles and layers of clothing created an amazing mess of fashion. ACG brought on the dramatics for their new collection!


Cold Venus:


Isaac West brought another element of sex appeal to the show. Risqué slits in dresses, turtlenecks, and silk caught my eye. You'll be seeing more of the Cold Venus Collection in upcoming Culture Piece shoots as well!


Raul Osorio:


Inspired by a foundation that helps burn victims, Raul Osorio perfectly constructed a line for men and women with both feminine and masculine touches in each piece. I saw an inspiration from previous Yeezy collections in there as well! This timeless collection is definitely going to be popular this autumn.


Spencer Versteeg:


Helmut Lang inspired Spencer Versteeg wanted to give businesswomen a sexy twist. Edgy blazers and ruffled skirts with metallic trim were the highlight of this collection. I want to have more business meetings now that I've seen this collection!


Kyra Deva:


I was in love with Kyra Deva’s collection that gave me a “sexy Englishwoman” feel! Mini skirts, faux fur wraps, and chic skin tight dresses gave the looks an edge. This Eco-friendly line used the faux fur from high end teddy bears in all of the fur pieces!


George Moskal:


Another one of my favorites from the night was George Moskal’s collection! I'm usually not a big fan of feathered pieces, but his feather jackets and dresses were to die for! Velvets and furs also made an appearance down the runway. The beautiful draping and contrast beading in his pieces made me fall in love!


Xee Vang:


Short shorts and big bombers were my personal favorites from Xee! With an inspiration from Eastern cultures, her couture embellishments and gorgeous silhouettes stood out. This collection will soon make its way into Culture Piece Magazine; it's too amazing not to!


Words by Maya Clark

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