The Heavy

“Now there was a time/When you loved me so/I couldn't do wrong/And now you need to know/See, I been a bad bad bad bad man/And I'm in deep, yeah/I found a brand new love for this man/And can't wait till you see/I can't wait”


On September 19th, First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota was nearly sold out for the likes of British indie band, The Heavy. Lead singer, Kelvin Swaby, gives the band a neo-soul vibe, while the instrumentalists stay true to their indie rock sound. After being on a small hiatus, the band is back and touring; performing old and new hits alike!

The night started off with a bang, as always, with Swaby’s raspy yet energetic voice enchanting and enticing the crowd. With a mix of hipsters, oldies, and me, being one of the only Black people, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The mic was shared between Kelvin and the crowd, with them knowing every syllable to every song. This band is like no other in the sense that they appeal to many different people; whether you’re into rock, R&B, pop, or something in between, you’re sure to be intrigued by this unique sound.

Something about this soulful evening brought a sweet romance to the listeners and everyone around them. The night concluded with a surprise no one was expecting! A long time fan of The Heavy was called onto the stage to PROPOSE to his longtime girlfriend, whom he met at a concert four years ago by none other than, The Heavy! Of course, she said “YES”! This just goes to show: anything can happen at a concert held by The Heavy


Words by Maya Clark