Melanie Martinez: Crybaby Tour

Melanie Martinez: Crybaby Tour

    On Wednesday night, adolescence and adults of all ages flooded the doors of Myth Live in Maplewood, Minnesota for the likes of Melanie Martinez and opening band, Alvarez Kings. Walking in, you can see the difference from the typical concertgoer; brightly colored hair, platform shoes and the occasional parent were among the attendees. This concert has definitely attracted fans from every end of the spectra, whether it be the five year old girl with her mom or the goateed men smoking the e-cig in the corner.




    The concert kicked off with Alvarez Kings introducing their classic 2000s rock sound the crowd needed to get revved up for the star of the Crybaby Tour. With the stage decorated with a larger than life crib, baby mobile, and alphabet blocks spelling out “Crybaby”, we already had an idea of what was in store! Stepping onstage complete with a faux fur dress and no shoes, she was ready to start the night.




Martinez didn’t ask anything of the crowd except for one thing: “sing along to every song you know!”. The crowd did not hesitate! With a dope beat drop to every song, she had the crowd enticed until the very end. “Dollhouse”, “Pity Party” and “Mrs. Potato Head” were just a few of the songs that had the house going crazy! And just when we thought all the madness was over, the lights dimmed and all, Melanie came back out for an encore!



All in all, it was an amazing show from this up and coming pop star! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what her next album has in store!


Words by Maya Clark