Twin Cities "Nappy Hour" Event

Twin Cities "Nappy Hour" Event

On Sunday, August 14th, Black women rendezvoused in Uptown Minneapolis at The Study for the Twin Cities Nappy Hour event. This was an event like no other for Minnesota. Natural haired queens from across the state came together for an event filled with an array of vendors, laughs, and drinks! It’s rare that you can find an event that celebrates the rare beauty and naturalism of the Black woman, so this was definitely an event I had to be at!

This event hosted by, Hair Hunny and Tanisha Gibson was a huge success, with over 100 beautiful women from relaxed to natural, young to old. There was no discrimination allowed at this all inclusive event; no matter what state your hair is in, you were welcomed in!

Walking in, you were surrounded by the smell of perfumes and hair products, and by an array of makeups, clothing, and other natural products. The live hair demonstrations and make overs were a definite crowd pleaser that left people feeling a little more knowledgeable on how to care for themselves. The vendors definitely set the bar high with homemade bath bombs, all natural lip balms, and beautifully designed tutus for babies and adults alike! The highlight of the Twin Cities Nappy Hour was the performance by the singer Ashley Dubose!

Don’t worry if you missed this amazing event; there is a 2nd Twin Cities Nappy Hour event coming up! On Sunday October 9th at 3pm, Hair Hunny and Tanisha Gibson will be again hosting this incredible affair at the A-Mill Artist Lofts. Buy your tickets at the event or online before they sell out! Don’t miss this girl’s afternoon out for a second time!

Words by Maya Clark