J Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only

J Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only

"I reminisce back to a time where niggas threw they hands/All of a sudden niggas pop a trunk and then we scram/Finger on a trigger make a little nigga understand/What it's like to finally be the motherfuckin man/Eyes wide that's from the power that the coward feels/Niggas die over bitches disrespecting dollar bills/Bloodshed that turned the city to a battlefield/I call it poison, you call it real. (POP, POP, POP, POP, POP, POP!) That's how you feel?"  


There are two types of people when it comes to J.Cole; the people that was sleep on him and then finally came out the cocoon and the people that have been faithfully listening to him. I have to admit, I was sleep till like 3 years ago. (I know, for shame!) J.Cole is an interesting artist, talented as fuck and yet continues to be humble all throughout his music. Which I mean, realistically should be the norm but J.Cole is one of the few artist that  has this humbling presence that you can hear through his music. He's too busy doing him for all the other bullshit, I love that. His perspective and truth about fame, love and the black community always stay true. His lyrical flow is constant. It just keeps getting stronger. This album definitely has a different feeling, it feels like growth, it feels like reassurance and direction. It's incredibly balanced. The intersectionalities found in this album are beautiful. My favorite tracks that stand out are, She's Mine Pt. 1 & 2, particularly 2, because of the talk of being a father and how children will change your look on life. Deja Vu, Neighbors and of course Change that features Ari Lennox. Whenever J.Cole talks about the community/society and the realities of injustices towards and within the black community he does it with intention and you can hear the meaningfulness while speaking. He's speaking to our black men. He's speaking to us. We just have to listen, and stay woke.


Also, congratulations J.Cole

Fatherhood will be a good look on you!


Words by Tesia Pennie