Houseparty Film

Houseparty Film

HOUSEPARTY is a nostalgic exploration into the reality of  “the party”.  What is it with parties and what is the attraction of it all? We are en route to making HOUSEPARTY even bigger... The short film you’ll see only shows some of what really goes on.  What we are pursuing consists of a whole new house and different characters - something you‘ll have to see up on the big screen. Although, the theme remains the same: What is a house party? Why is everyone doing this? Our mission is to explore a group of 4 teenagers who experience a house party for the first time - all in one night - all in one house.” -House Party Film



When I first heard about a local film being made, I definitely wanted some part of it! It seems as though Minnesota is really starting to explode in all areas of the arts. It didn’t hurt that the movie was filmed at the Schmidt Artist Lofts in Saint Paul. Writer, producer, and director, Conner Evert did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the Millennial house party, and as you know, Culture Piece loves a good party. I was one of the 50+ extras casted although I’m donned in waist length box braids and 90s clothing, which is an extreme rarity for me these days.



The beginning of the film shows Lacey and Matt preparing to go to Lacey’s first house party, despite the obvious hesitation from Lacey. Upon arrival, a snobby Olivia -played by Effy Kawira- greeted Lacey and Matt while going over what a house party consists of. Soon people arrive and that’s when things get crazy. You see blunts being rolled, cocaine being snorted, and alcohol being chugged. Eventually Lacey gives in and partakes in the house party-this was bound to happen, who can go to a party and not party?! Liquor induced Lacey experiences one helluva night and we get to see it all unfold! I don’t want to spoil anything, so check out the movie for yourselves and see why everyone is talking about Houseparty!


Overall, the film did a good job of portraying the average house party, although I wish we would’ve seen more of the actual party. With the film only being about 20 minutes, it was hard to really get into the movie. I loved the many different cinematic moments in the film, there were many times throughout the film that if you paused the movie, it’d be a great shot!  There were so many things I was left wondering about once the credits rolled though. What is Lacey’s life after the party like? What’s Olivia’s backstory? It would have been nice to get into the other character’s lives to see what brings them to the house parties every weekend. My last critique of the film would be the dialogue. The characters were amazing, but almost unrelatable in some cases due to the dialogue. Despite some of my personal thoughts on everything, I love the fact the Twin Cities art community really came together to make something amazing. The cinematography was on point, the location was amazing, and I look forward to seeing more of what Conner Evert and his team has up their sleeves! Check out Houseparty and let us know what you think!



Words by Maya Clark

Photos Courtesy of House Party Film