My Naptime Jewelry

My Naptime Jewelry

Michelle Stangl is the creator of My Naptime Jewelry which consists of “handcrafted essential oil diffuser jewelry and birthstone necklaces”. She is doing handmade jewelry right! I’ve never been a big jewelry person, but when she sent over a few pieces to Culture Piece Magazine, I couldn’t help but to keep a few things for myself.


I don’t know if I’m just extremely late in the game or what, but Michelle is really doing some innovative things with her work! She sent me over some “diffuser” earrings and necklaces; all you have to do is put a drop of essential oil on the Lava Bead and the smell works as aromatherapy. It’s amazing with the earrings especially, because whenever you go in for a hug with someone, all the smell is whichever sent you put on the Lava Bead! I’ve had the jewelry for about 2 weeks now and the quality is still there with all of the products. I definitely recommend My Naptime Jewelry for holiday gifts this season. Not only do you get amazing products, you’re supporting a local business.


You can check out all of this amazing jewelry on Etsy and Instagram @mynaptimejewelry

Use the code “MAYALOVE” to get free shipping on orders over $20!


Words by Maya Clark