Futuristic + Fantasy

Futuristic + Fantasy

November 5th marked the night of the Futuristic + Fantasy fashion show featuring two Minnesota designers, Jacqueline Addison and Charles Cooper. The “Futuristic” portion of the show was led by Charles Cooper of Studio NineSeven, while the “Fantasy” portion was all on Jacqueline Addison and her clothing line, “AkuaGabby”. The event was held at The Broadway Building which houses offices for Ignite Models, Steller Hair Company (which provided hairstylists for the event), and Buzzfeed. “The show is where modern street wear meets a whimsical fairytale. Where reality and fantasy collide.” Culture Piece Magazine was invited to cover this event and this is the result:


    The amazing part of the whole event is that all of the proceeds are going to the Tatas & Friends Foundation! This foundation is based out of Ghana, Africa and works hard to feed, clothe, and fund education for underprivileged children. With a near sold out show, the Tatas & Friends Foundation definitely raised enough money to make an impact on children’s lives.


    Both of the designers let their creativity shine through their craft. Every model walked out with grace and confidence, showing off the pieces in the most flattering of ways. With hosts like Grant Whittaker, Tressie Schneider, and Nick Hooks, guiding us through the night, there was never a dull moment.


    All in all, the event had an amazing turnout! The venue in itself led to an impromptu photo shoot with a few friends. The performances, the designs, the models...all of it, was the perfect example of what a fashion show should be! Culture Piece is definitely looking forward to the next show put on by Charles Cooper and Jacqueline Addison.  


Words by Maya Clark