SchoolBoy Q: The Blank Face Tour

SchoolBoy Q: The Blank Face Tour

Quarter million, switchin' lanes, that part/Bet my bitch move the same old thing, that part/405 with the gun off safe, that part/Ayy I'm still tryna make that plate/Rich or poo nigga, pick your fate/Style on top of style, nigga/Five years I've been rich, nigga/Drove Bimmers down Fig, nigga/Pushed Porsches down Broadway/I've been divin' in different hoes, nigga/Got a chain that's worth the Rolls, nigga/Got an engine back with the top in it/Nigga drivin' it like it's a bomb in it


SchoolBoy Q was accompanied by Joey Bada$$ on the Blank Face Tour in Minnesota last week at Myth! Culture Piece was invited to cover the show! Joey opened the show at around 9:00 pm to a REALLY hyped crowd; Joey’s mantra on stage was, “The more energy you give to me, the more you shall receive”. Towards the end of his set he took one song suggestion which was “Devastated”! Then Joey ran into the crowd for a quick turn up!


Joey was followed by the headliner, SchoolBoy Muthafuckin Q! SchoolBoy came out with so much energy and a very wide smile showing off his grill. SchoolBoy played a variety of his music from Oxymoron, Habits & Contradictions and of course the Blank Face LP!


Highlights of the Night: Joey performing “Devastated” and running into the crowd and SchoolBoy’s turnt up performance of performing “THat Part”!


Words & Photographs by Pierre Ware