Alessia Cara: Know It All Tour Part 2

Alessia Cara: Know It All Tour Part 2

“I'm sorry if I seem uninterested/Or I'm not listenin' or I'm indifferent/Truly, I ain't got no business here/But since my friends are here/I just came to kick it but really/I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room”


Canadian singer, Alessia Cara, made her way to the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 8th. People of all ages filled seats (and the aisles) to see Alessia and openers, Nathan Sykes and Ruth B.


The night commenced with singers Nathan Sykes and Ruth B captivating the audience with soulful lyrics and melodies. Girls sang and Snapchatted throughout their performances; it was probably the hypest I've ever seen a crowd for openers! I've never heard of the two before that night, but I can tell they're going to be huge in the music industry.


The crowd was all warmed up once Alessia Cara came out! Alessia connected with the listeners in a way only certain performers can. In between songs she gave out words of hope and encouragement to all the young women present, reminding them that they're beautiful and special. The tour featured videos of her past before the fame as well as never before seen clips from tours. We had a chance to see the real Alessia Cara and that definitely appealed to everyone. The show was an experience that I'm truly glad I was able to be apart of!


Words by Maya Clark