“Every year, Minnesotans from all walks work together to raise money for life saving medical supplies to send to the Gaza Strip. With a population of 1.8 million people, the Gaza Strip has endured three wars since 2007, and faces an ongoing blockade imposed by Israel. Palestinians living in Gaza face chronic shortages of medical aid and health care supplies. According to the World Health Organization, such deficits are not due to security restrictions imposed by Israel; they are due to insufficient funds.” - Karmel Sabri

October 2nd marked the day of the second annual DEAR GAZA block party hosted by humanitarian, Karmel Sabri. When Culture Piece Magazine was invited to cover this event, I was immediately excited! Based on the previous events curated by Karmel, I knew this would be an event I'd hate to miss. Held in Uptown, Minneapolis, Karmel found the perfect neighborhood to house the event. The World Street Kitchen food truck even catered the event, serving delicious Palestinian tacos. I love an event where POC can feel safe to be themselves and turn up for a cause: this was definitely that event!

A block party wouldn't be complete without some music! WNDRLND kept the event rolling, spinning day and night. Poets and dancers shared the stage, giving messages of hope and unity. There was also amazing performances by Egypto Knuckles, Unknown Creatures, Tarik, Dis-Play, Tufawon, Toki Wright, and Hello Psychaleppo. My personal favorite of the night was neo-soul band, Ayvah!

The night was practically flawless! It was amazing to see people of all ages and races coming together to support a cause that betters the world. People were sharing food, laughs, and the donations were flowing! This was the perfect end of summer event and we’re looking forward to the next event Karmel Sabri has in store!


Words by Maya Clark


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