Zombie Pub Crawl

Zombie Pub Crawl

Halloween seemed to start a little early this year with the Zombie Pub Crawl in Downtown Minneapolis going on. Zombie brides, schoolgirls, and priests decked out in blood and shredded clothing, roamed the streets on October 15th. This annual event is a staple in Minneapolis, with amazing artists performing every year whether they be local or internationally known. This year was no different with Ja Rule, iLoveMakonnen, and rap duo Rae Sremmurd headlining the event! Culture Piece Magazine was able to get behind the scenes and see what the hype is all about at the annual Zombie Pub Crawl!


Despite the chance of rain, thousands of people showed up ready to make the most of the night! It seemed as though when nightfall hit and the full moon rose, the crazies really came out! The first ever ZPC Costume Contest made an appearance this year with celebrity judges and crazy amazing prizes! Minnesota rapper, Finding Novyon opened up the show matching the energy of the crowd. Whether you knew of him before the show or not, you were definitely a fan afterwards! Another Minnesota local, Bobby Raps, took charge on stage while leaving the crowd in awe. You honestly couldn’t tell the difference from the locals and the internationally knowns because they were just as good and the crowd was just as turnt!


The main acts, Ja Rule, iLoveMakonnen, and Rae Sremmurd were amazing! The interactions they had with the crowd was out of this world! Rae Sremmurd invited the audience on stage to dance and the security men were actually pulling them on stage too! iLoveMakonnen was definitely a surprise for me with his crazy and free spirited dance moves around of the stage. It didn’t matter if you loved hip hop or not because just the presence of these artists was exhilarating in itself! This was my first Zombie Pub Crawl and I’m not even of age yet, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into! The pungent yet sweet smell of weed, alcohol, and puke, was present, and I loved every bit of it! Culture Piece Magazine will definitely be covering this event for years to come!



Words by Maya Clark

Photos by Pierre Ware